EU PVSEC Programme Online
EU PVSEC 2021, 6 - 10 September 2021

Dr. Gernot Oreski

PCCL, Leoben, Austria

Dr. Oreski is a Senior Researcher at the Polymer Competence Center Leoben (Austria) and heads the »Photovoltaic« group. His main fields of research are polymer science and testing as well as long term reliability and degradation behavior of polymeric materials and components for PV modules. In addition to his work for the PCCL, Dr. Oreski serves as lecturer at the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering of the University of Leoben.

4CO.4.1 Sustainable Photovoltaics - Increasing Recyclability of PV Modules
G. Oreski, PCCL, Leoben, Austria
4DV.2.1 Aging Behavior of Polymeric Inverter Casings
E. Helfer, PCCL, Leoben, Austria
4CO.1.1 The Role of Polymers in Photovoltaics: Recognition or Underestimation?
G. Oreski, PCCL, Leoben, Austria
4CP.1.2 Quality, Durability and Integration of PV in Different Environments & Applications
U. Jahn, VDE Renewables, Alzenau, Germany
4BO.1.2 Needs, Challenges and Approaches for New Service Life Estimation Models for PV Modules – Results from IEA-PVPS-Task 13 Subtask 1.4
K.-A. Weiß, Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg, Germany
4CO.2.5 Repair of Cracked Backsheets: Long-Term Stability
G.C. Eder, OFI, Vienna, Austria
4CO.1.5 Effects of Climate and Microclimate on EVA Degradation from Field Aged PV Modules
C. Barretta, PCCL, Leoben, Austria
4AV.1.7 PV40+ Project: New Encapsulants and Testing Strategies to Achieve 40 Years of Lifetime
C. Barretta, PCCL, Leoben, Austria
4DV.2.17 Solubility of Solar Encapsulants – Improvement of Recycling Processes
S. Feldbacher, PCCL, Leoben, Austria
4AV.1.19 Advanced Degradation Modelling of Photovoltaic Modules and Materials
K.A. Berger, AIT, Vienna, Austria
4AV.1.21 Modelling of Degradation Rates and Lifetime Estimations of Backsheets: Hydrolysis
G. Oreski, PCCL, Leoben, Austria
4AV.1.24 Motivation, Benefits, and Challenges for New Photovoltaic Material & Module Developments – Results from IEA PVPS Task 13 Subtask 1.1
G. Oreski, PCCL, Leoben, Austria
4AV.2.27 FEM Simulation of Deformations in Strings of Shingled Solar Cells under Mechanical and Thermal Loading
M. Lang, PCCL, Leoben, Austria