EU PVSEC Programme Online
EU PVSEC 2020, 7 - 11 September 2020
Session: 6CV.2 Integration of Photovoltaic in Buildings, Vehicle, Infrastructure and Landscape
Type: Visual
Date: Wednesday, 9th September 2020
13:30 - 15:00
Event: Conference Conference
Type(s) of Access:  Conference Registration
Topic: 6. PV Applications and Integration
6CV.2.1 Solar-Façade (OPV) as Corporate Design - Students Design Concepts for the ZAE Building in Erlangen
R. Krippner, Nuremberg Tech, Nuremberg, Germany
6CV.2.2 PV Energy Yield Measurements of Electric Vehicle and Electric Vehicle Charging Station
D. Zurflüh, BUAS, Burgdorf, Switzerland
6CV.2.3 Wind and Wave Effect on Floating Solar Panel
S.-T. Hsu, ITRI, Hsinchu, Taiwan
6CV.2.5 System Design and Economic Configuration of Building Integrated Photovoltaic
J. Jiang, Talesun Solar, Suzhou, China
6CV.2.6 Yield Calculations of a PV System Integrated in Cruise Ships: A Case Study in the Waters of the Caribbean
P. Schwager, DLR, Oldenburg, Germany
6CV.2.7 Summary of PV Systems Implemented within SMARTER TOGETHER, an EU-Funded Smart City Project
B. Gaiddon, HESPUL, Lyon, France
6CV.2.8 Architectural Criteria for PV Integration in Heritage Landscape
L.F. Sandoval Huth, ISCTE, Lisbon, Portugal
6CV.2.9 Long-Term Reliability of PV-Modules in Alpine Environment
G.C. Eder, OFI, Vienna, Austria
6CV.2.10 Cleanvelope – PV and Building Greening Students Design Concepts of Refurbishment in Nuremburg
R. Krippner, Nuremberg Tech, Nuremberg, Germany
6CV.2.11 Weather Data Influence on a Photovoltaic Driven Heat Pump System for Net-Zero Energy Multi-Family Buildings
J. Schmidli, University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil, Rapperswil, Switzerland
6CV.2.12 Integration of Solar Energy Systems for Increased Societal Support
A.W. Weeber, Delft University of Technology, Petten, Netherlands
6CV.2.13 Novel BIPV Products with Innovative Glass Coatings - New Degrees of Freedom in BIPV Design
R. Trattnig, Joanneum Research, Weiz, Austria
6CV.2.14 Integration of Solar Modules in Double Glazing Elements
N. Neugebohrn, DLR, Oldenburg, Germany
6CV.2.15 Cooling of PV Modules in Floating PV Power Plants
E.S. Marstein, Institute for Energy Technology, Kjeller, Norway
6CV.2.16 Outdoor Testing Facility for an Experimental Validation of Yield Predictions for Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Modules
T. Gewohn, ISFH, Emmerthal, Germany
6CV.2.17 Evaluations on Energy Performance of BIPV Systems
C.D. Zomer, UFSC, Florianópolis, Brazil
6CV.2.19 Organic Photovoltaic Modules Installation: Italy and Algeria Case Studies
A. Terenzi, eni, Novara, Italy
6CV.2.20 How High Albedo Improves Vertical Bifacial PV Performance: Simulations and Measurements on a Solar Noise Barrier
S. Villa, TNO, Eindhoven, Netherlands
6CV.2.21 Evaluation of the Solar Resource and Energy Generation in Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaics
J. Macías Rodríguez, UPM, Madrid, Spain
6CV.2.22 Fire Performance Assessment of BIPV Facades Equipped with Active Rapid Shutdown
F. Parolini, SUPSI, Canobbio, Switzerland
6CV.2.23 Impact of Configurations on the Performance Prediction of Building Integrated Photovoltaic Modules
Y.B. Assoa, CEA, Le Bourget-du-Lac, France
6CV.2.24 Monitoring Solar Highways: Performance and Lessons Learned from Operating a Bifacial Solar Noise Barrier
S. Villa, TNO Energy Transition, Eindhoven, Netherlands
6CV.2.25 Potential of Wind and Solar Energy Available in an Aerial Basin: Taking Advantage of the Integration of Dams Hydrosystems
S.G. Relva, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, A. Abubakar, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
6CV.2.26 Bio-Inspired Design of a Dynamic Solar Photovoltaic Envelope with Evolving Functionalities
J. Ratovonkery, CEA, Le Bourget-du-Lac, France
6CV.2.28 Energy and Exergetic Analysis of a Photovoltaic-Thermal System Using a Dynamic Bidimensional Model for High Radiation and High Geographical Altitude Conditions
A.A. Taquichiri Ayaviri, Technical University of Oruro, Oruro, Bolivia
6CV.2.31 Towards Net-Zero Public Buildings through BIPV: a Case Study in Castilla-León (Spain)
D. Granados-López, UBU, Burgos, Spain
6CV.2.33 The Impact of Building Shape and Density on Active Solar Energy Potential
S. Bensehla, University Guelma, Guelma, Algeria
6CV.2.34 Koeppen-Geiger Climate Classification Not a Determinant for the Siting of Offshore Floating Photovoltaics
A. Ayyad, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands
6CV.2.35 Outdoor Performance of Infra Integrated PV
E.M.B. Heller, AUAS, Amsterdam, Netherlands
6CV.2.36 Re-Uniting Photosyntesis and Photovoltaics: Design for Architectural Greenhouses
C. Toledo Arias, UPCT, Cartagena, Spain
6CV.2.37 Community Energy Production at Airports - Taking Relationship to the Next Level?
F. Kis, Budapest Airport, Budapest, Hungary
6CV.2.39 PV in Mobility: Various Solutions for On-Board PV and PV Charging Stations for EVs
A.H.M.E. Reinders, University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands
6CV.2.41 Land Use Intensity and Land Occupation of Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Power Plants in Continental Portugal
J. Tavora, ISCTE, Lisbon, Portugal
6CV.2.42 Shiwa Off-Shore Floating PV Pilot Test South Korea
W. Lawrence, SCOTRA, Seoul, Korea, Republic of
6CV.2.45 Power Generation Performance Analysis of High-Efficiency Flexible CIGS Modules - Based on Actual and Measurement Data Analysis
R.-D. Lee, Hanbat National University, Daejoen, Korea, Republic of
6CV.2.46 A Comparison of Different Solar Cell Technologies for Integrated Photovoltaics
M. Heinrich, Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg, Germany
6CV.2.47 A Standardized Classification and Performance Indicators of Agrivoltaic Systems
B. Willockx, KU Leuven, Gent, Belgium