EU PVSEC Programme Online
EU PVSEC 2021, 6 - 10 September 2021
Presentation: 3BV.1.17 High Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells Suitable for Harsh Climate and for Tandem Configuration
Type: Visual
Date: Tuesday, 7th September 2021
08:30 - 10:00
Author(s): S. Laalioui, K. Belrhiti Alaoui, K. El Assali, Z. Naimi, B. Ikken, A. Outzourhit
Presenter / Speaker: S. Laalioui, IRESEN, Rabat, Morocco
Event: Conference Conference
Session: 3BV.1 Perovskite Solar Cells and Modules
Topic: 3. 1 Perovskites
Summary / Abstract: Morocco has important solar energy potential. The country lunched the national energy strategy, based mostly on exploiting the RE resources in order to meet the increasing energy demand and to lessen its energy dependency on foreign imports [1]. One of the key pillars in the implementation of this strategy is the Moroccan solar plan (MSP). The national research institutes and universities have accompanied the implementation of the MSP through R&D programs on materials, devices as well systems that are suitable to the local climatic conditions. This is one of the key missions the Research Institute for Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) and Green Energy park (GEP). Moreover, Perovskite-based solar cells (PSC) have shown a rapid growth since 2009 and they reach a record efficiency of 25.2 % [2], which is close to the 26.3% record efficiency of the best silicon heterojunction cell [3]. Furthermore, the use of the perovskite solar cells on the top of other technologies, namely; CIGS and silicon heterojunction (HIT), demonstrate boosted efficiency of the resulted tandem devices [4]. In our case, our research will focus on developing perovskite/silicon heterojunction tandem solar cells. Our purpose is to design high efficiency perovskite solar cells while optimizing each layer constituting the solar cell and by selecting high stability materials against the harsh local climate conditions. This study will be conducted using SCAPS 1-D software [5].