EU PVSEC Programme Online
EU PVSEC 2021, 6 - 10 September 2021
Presentation: 2BO.14.6 Evaluation of Different Approaches for HJT Cells Metallization Based on Low Temperature Ag Pastes
Type: Oral
Date: Tuesday, 7th September 2021
15:15 - 16:45
Author(s): M. Galiazzo, N. Frasson
Presenter / Speaker: N. Frasson, Applied Materials Italia, Olmi di San Biagio, Italy
Event: Conference Conference
Session: 2BO.14 Wafer-Based Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells
Topic: 2. 3 Low Temperature Route for Si Cells
Keywords: Heterojunction, Screen Printing, Solar Pastes, Silver Paste, Nanoparticles, Solar Cells
Summary / Abstract: One key concern when implementing HJT cells is related to the metallization process, where several limitations are present when using low temperature Ag pastes, curable at 200°C to preserve the a-Si structure. These limitations are reduced printing speed and limited printing ability on fine lines, increased logistics costs, solderability. In this work we investigate two possible alternative routes to the mainstream paste models: the evolutional is based on room temperature paste, not requiring refrigeration and with increased printing performances and the revolutionary, using nano-Ag particles, is surpassing the usual printing speed by three times, with half the deposit if compared to the others.