EU PVSEC Programme Online
EU PVSEC 2021, 6 - 10 September 2021
Presentation: 3BV.2.16 A Study of Ag Paste Contacts on Various TCO Layers for Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Thin Film Modules
Type: Visual
Date: Tuesday, 7th September 2021
10:30 - 12:00
Author(s): B. Sesli, J. Carolus, J. D´Haen, D. Reenaers, V.S. Gevaerts, S. Sente, M. Meuris, M. Daenen, B. Vermang
Presenter / Speaker: B. Sesli, UHasselt, Diepenbeek, Belgium
Event: Conference Conference
Session: 3BV.2 CIGSe, CdTe and Kesterites / OPV / III-V and Related Compounds / Tandems
Topic: 3. 2 CI(G)S, CdTe and Related Thin Films
Keywords: Screen Printing, Contact Resistance, TFPV, Ag Paste, TCO, CIGS
Summary / Abstract: The power conversion efficiencies (PCE) of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 (CIGS) cells on lab-scale are approaching c-Si cells. The module efficiencies, on the other hand, are considerably lower.[1], [2] Large-area modules show reduced fill factors and power conversion efficiencies. This so-called cell to module efficiency gap exists for all PV technologies. However, the difference in efficiency for CIGS cells modules is considerably higher than for the more mature Si-technology. This efficiency gap is mainly ascribed to the laterally spread electric defects due to non-uniformities in the materials' properties and the longer current paths over the larger area.[3]