EU PVSEC Programme Online
EU PVSEC 2021, 6 - 10 September 2021
Presentation: .. Data Quality Assessment Tool for PV System Monitoring Data
Date: Thursday, 1st January 1970
Author(s): S. Lindig, A. Louwen, A.J. Curran, R.H. French, D. Moser, M. Topic
Presenter / Speaker: S. Lindig, Eurac Research, Bolzano, Italy et al.
Event: Conference Conference
Topic: 5. 3 Operation, Performance and Maintenance of PV Systems
Summary / Abstract: In this work, the first and often most overlooked step of any PV system performance evaluation is discussed: the assessment of the quality of PV system monitoring data and corresponding irradiance data. This manuscript describes a pipeline for assessing the quality of PV measurement data and is thereby a continuation of previous work [1]. Depending on input data availability this includes initial visual quality checks, a newly developed input data quality grading, DC/AC data comparison, yearly energy yield evaluation as well as irradiance plots, provision of plane-of-array satellite data, irradiance sensor drift assessments and finally the imputation of measurement data if needed. The result is a cleaned & prepared dataset together with an overview on the data quality. The resulting dataset is ready to be used for performance evaluations, such as the determination of the system performance, degradation studies, remaining useful lifetime studies or others. It can be used as input for performance evaluating packages such as the PVplr package [2] or RdTools [3, 4].