EU PVSEC Programme Online
EU PVSEC 2021, 6 - 10 September 2021
Presentation: 1AO.2.1 Progress in Three-Terminal Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Solar Cells
Type: Oral
Date: Monday, 6th September 2021
15:15 - 16:45
Author(s): E. Antolín, M.H. Zehender, S.A. Svatek, M.A. Steiner, M. Martinez, I. Garcia, P. García-Linares, E.L. Warren, A.C. Tamboli, A. Martí
Presenter / Speaker: E. Antolín, UPM, Madrid, Spain
Event: Conference Conference
Session: 1AO.2 Innovative Approaches for Solar Cells and Photovoltaic Materials
Topic: 1. 2 New Materials and Concepts for Cells and Modules
Keywords: Tandem, High Efficiency, Heterojunction, Multijunction Solar Cell, Novel Concepts
Summary / Abstract: Conventional solar cells, including multijunction solar cells, are based on pn junctions as building blocks. In contrast, the three-terminal heterojunction bipolar transistor solar cell (3T–HBTSC) explores the use of a bipolar transistor structure to build a solar cell. The limiting efficiency of this transistor structure equals that of a double-junction solar cell. However, since the 3T–HBTSC does not require tunnel junctions, its minimal structure has only three semiconductor layers, while the minimal structure of a double junction solar cell has six. This work reviews the fundamental theory of this solar cell and the steps carried out towards its practical implementation.