EU PVSEC Programme Online
EU PVSEC 2021, 6 - 10 September 2021
Presentation: 3BV.1.19 A Study of Quenching Approaches to Optimize Ultrasonic Spray Coated Perovskite Layers Scalable for PV
Type: Visual
Date: Tuesday, 7th September 2021
08:30 - 10:00
Author(s): J. Silvano, J. Sala, T. Merckx, Y. Kuang, T. Aernouts, B. Vermang, W. Deferme, P. Verding, J. D´Haen
Presenter / Speaker: J. Silvano, Hasselt University, Diepenbeek, Belgium
Event: Conference Conference
Session: 3BV.1 Perovskite Solar Cells and Modules
Topic: 3. 1 Perovskites
Summary / Abstract: While the main focus of the PhD project is the integration with CIS bottom cells in 2T tandem devices, the work reported here describes the upscaling of perovskite film deposition by ultrasonic spray coating, with a focus on the use of different quenching techniques.