EU PVSEC Programme Online
EU PVSEC 2019, 9 - 13 September 2019, Marseille
Presentation: 1AO.1.5 GaAs Subcell with Hybrid Quantum Objects for Triple-Junction Solar Cells
Type: Oral
Date: Monday, 9th September 2019
13:30 - 15:00
Location / Room: Marseille Chanot Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1st Floor / Auditorium 3 Callelongue Hall
Author(s): M.A. Mintairov, V.V. Evstropov, S.A. Mintairov, M.Z. Shvarts, N.A. Kalyuzhnyy
Presenter / Speaker: M.A. Mintairov, RAS / Ioffe, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Event: Conference Conference
Session: 1AO.1 Energy Conversion Mechanisms and Materials Characterisation
Type(s) of Access:  Conference Registration
Topic: 1. 1 Fundamental Studies
Summary / Abstract: The introduction of quantum objects (quantum wells, quantum dots, etc.) into the space charge region of the solar cel (SC) gives a positive result in increasing the device photogenerated current [1, 2]. However, the introduction of quantum objects leads to a negative effect - a drop in open circuit voltage. In the triple-junction GaInP/GaAs/Ge SCs, introducing a quantum object into a GaAs subcell gives an additional positive effect — improving of InGaP and GaAs subcels photogenerated currents balance. The purpose of the work is to determine the possibility of using hybrid quantum objects (quantum well-dots (QWD)) in a GaAs subcell. For the first time, the temperature dependences of the external quantum yield (EQE) and electroluminescence spectra (EL) of GaAs subcells with QWD were measured. The important characteristics of a quantum object - the sum of donor-like and acceptor-like levels depths, Ed + Ea, has been determined. It has been found that QWD included in GaAs subcell absorbs photons with wavelength more than 600 nm.