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EU PVSEC 2019, 9 - 13 September 2019, Marseille
Presentation: 6AV.5.2 Leaf Roof – Designing Luminescent Solar Concentrating PV Roof Tiles
Type: Visual
Date: Monday, 20th June 2016
15:15 - 16:45
Location / Room: ICM Ground Floor / Poster Area Hall B0
Author(s): A.H.M.E. Reinders, G. Doudart de la Grée, A. Papadopoulos, A. Rosemann, M.G. Debije, M. Cox, Z. Krumer
Presenter / Speaker: A.H.M.E. Reinders, University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands
Event: Conference Conference
Session: 6AV.5 PV in Buildings and the Environment
Topic: 6. 2 PV in Buildings and the Environment
Keywords: Ray Tracing, Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV), PV Module, Building Integrated PV
Summary / Abstract: The Leaf Roof project on the design features of PV roof tiles using Luminescent Solar Concentrator (LSC) technology [1] has resulted in a functional prototype . The results are presented in the context of industrial product design with a focus on the aesthetic aspects of LSCs [2]. This paper outlines the design of Leaf Roof tiles under consideration of simulation results, experimental measurements on dyes’ absorption spectra, and the energy performance of Leaf Roof elements in the context of their geometry and colors.