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EU PVSEC 2019, 9 - 13 September 2019, Marseille
Event: TUE 10 September, 08:30-12:30 | Eco-Design, Eco-Labeling, Green Public Procurement TUE 10 September, 08:30-12:30 | Eco-Design, Eco-Labeling, Green Public Procurement
Subtitle: Sustainability Leadership for the Terawatt Age
Date: Tuesday, 10th September 2019, 08:30 - 12:30
Organised by: jointly with the International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA PVPS) – IEA PVPS Task 12
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Description: The preparatory study of the European Commission on Eco-Design, Eco-Labeling, Green Public Procurement and Energy Labeling for PV modules, inverters and PV systems will be concluded in June/July 2019 with policy recommendations for sustainable product policies for these components.

At the same time, the International Sustainability Leadership Standard for PV Modules and Inverters (NSF457) will be finalized and form the basis for an EPEAT listing of these components and an international eco-label as well as Green Public Procurement rules for PV modules and inverters, potentially applicable in 33+ countries globally.

The parallel event should provide an overview on these policy developments and give perspectives from the industry, procurement and customer side on proposed policy measures as well as lining out the potential effects these would have on product developments and industrial policy in the European Union.

What will be the effect of potential policy measures in the EU and how can those be streamlined with the international sustainability leadership standard and discussions around the taxonomy for sustainable finance?