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EU PVSEC 2017, 25 - 29 September 2017, Amsterdam
Presentation: 5EO.1.4 Eco-Solar Factory: Environmental Impact Optimisation of PV Production
Type: Oral
Date: Friday, 29th September 2017
08:30 - 10:00
Location / Room: RAI Congress Centre 1st Floor / Auditorium G104-105
Author(s): K. Wambach, M. Seitz, R. Peche, M.P. Bellmann, G.S. Park, J. Denafas, F. Buchholz, R. Einhaus, G. Noja, B. Ehlen, R. Roligheten, P. Romero, A. Bollar
Presenter / Speaker: K. Wambach, bifa Environmental Institute, Augsburg, Germany
Event: Conference Conference
Session: 5EO.1 Sustainability and Recycling
Topic: 5. 3 Sustainability and Recycling
Summary / Abstract: The European project Eco-Solar (H2020-FOF-13-2015) that started in October 2015, envisions to increase resource and energy efficiency over the entire photovoltaic value chain, while simultaneously maximising recycling and remanufacturing efficiencies, by introducing design for recovery, repair and reuse, and collaborating for improvements in waste reduction. Reusing materials and reducing the consumption of raw materials will make solar cell panels both cheaper and greener. One of the main aims of its work package 5 “Environmental impact and repurposing of waste products” is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the progress made with respect to environmental impacts. First results from the initial assessment at start of the project (benchmark processes) and the midterm assessment will be presented. The implementation of the new eco-friendly production methods requires an ecological validation and has to be economically viable as well. bifa therefore carried out an eco-efficiency analysis according to figure 1.